What is Edgar Allan Poe LIVE?

Paul Stroili and Kevin Theis present selections from the master of the macabre for a completely unique LIVE theatre event.  

Poe’s stories, most of which are written in the first person, are near-perfect monologues and two-person scenes in their current form and with minimal adaptation, translate beautifully to the stage.

Through performance, voice, sound, lighting and music, Edgar Allan Poe Live transports you into the mind of the horror master as his stunning tales – lush, terrifying (and often, darkly funny) are brought to life.


The show is designed to work in nearly any space, theatre, gallery, pub… indoor or outdoor with just a few hours of on site rehearsal and preparation. The show is two actors, no set, and we bring our own costumes. Lighting needs can be as minimal or as lush as time, space and staffing will allow. The only on site requirements are a sturdy chair and a sound system we can plug into (plus a stage manager to run our sound cues) Music and sound effects are mixed to create an audio backdrop that brings Poe’s brilliant words to life, almost in the style of a radio play – except this is no radio broadcast – this is Edgar Allan Poe: LIVE.

Poe fans, as well as those less familiar with his work will delight in the in your face nature of this intimate, fun and frightening evening. Get on our mailing list by CLICKING HERE