“I can’t imagine a more thrilling way to bring these works to life. I’ve had the joy of Paul’s presence in my college classroom and he brings the most engaging, vibrant presence to his every action.”
Kate Thomsen
Assistant Professor
Western Michigan University

“If past performance is predictive, Edgar Allan Poe’s feverish writing will leap from the page to the stage in “Edgar Allan Poe LIVE,” presenting audiences and students an opportunity to experience the intense inner world that Poe imagined before their very eyes. Having had the pleasure of watching Paul Stroili read, engage and teach students at film festival workshops, the combination of gripping drama mixed with generous pedagogy will be transformative for students and audiences alike.”
Matt Jordan
Associate Professor
Dept. of Film/Video and Media Studies, Penn State University 

“Fans of Edgar Alan Poe and live theatre will delight in this wonderful show, performed by two gifted actors.” 

D. Terry Williams
Professor Emeritus of Theatre

Western Michigan University

“I can’t recommend this talented and creative duo enough. They will surely keep students engaged and entertained with these classic horror stories. Paul and Kevin bring years of experience and love of craft to these timeless stories. Students are in for an engaging and educational treat!”

Carey Crim
The Purple Rose Theatre

“Stroili and Theis do what educators strive for with every lesson: make it come alive. Instructors of young historians, scientists or thespians should borrow from Stroili’s imposing interpretation and Theis’s vocal prowess to empower their students not only through effective expression but also with depth of understanding. Stroili and Theis, like Poe himself, are exemplary craftsmen who demonstrate what innovation can bring in the hands of one master storyteller, two skilled performers and exceptional educators everywhere.”

Dean Glorioso
Palm Beach State College

Advancement Communications

“Take a few of the greatest stories ever written by the iconic Edgar Allan Poe, add the fact that these stories contain incredible suspense and excitement, mix in two exhilarating and veteran performers like Paul Stroili and Kevin Theis to bring those stories to life and you have a recipe for tremendous success.

Jeremy Koch
Artistic Director

Farmers Alley Theatre